Virginia Job Creation

Del. Glenn DJobs_IMS Gear Touravis has quickly become one of the General Assembly’s foremost experts on small business and job creation. The Virginia Chamber of Commerce named Davis “Freshman Legislator of the Year.” Del. Davis knows what it takes to create jobs because he has done it all of his life as a small business entrepreneur.

Del. Davis has been a leader on eliminating double-taxation and over-taxation of Virginia business. He also has sponsored legislation defending Virginia’s right-to-work status, providing employers more time to evaluate new employees, and to encourage crowdfunding for startups.

Del. Glenn Davis is an expert in technology and communication. Davis serves as Chairman of the Cyber Security Subcommittee for the Joint Commission on Technology and Science (JCOTS). He is one of the General Assembly’s key representatives in this nationally significant issue.




Energy Independence

worker_energy Energy independence is vital for the long-term security of our nation. In Virginia, off-shore energy exploration has the potential to create over 25,000 high-paying jobs right here in the Commonwealth.

Del. Glenn Davis supports environmentally responsible exploration for oil and natural gas as well as expanding our capacity for nuclear power in Virginia. In addition to thousands of new jobs, offshore exploration for oil and natural gas would bring Virginia nearly $8 billion in new capital investment, along with new revenue for better schools and roads, and more police officers to keep our streets safe. In fact, Del. Davis has patroned legislation ensuring that a portion of those oil revenues are reserved for K-12 education.

We should also move forward with supporting research and development of cost effective alternative, renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, and renew our commitment to coal, which is responsible for thousands of Virginia jobs.

Only by pursuing all of these initiatives can America be on the road to energy independence.




21st Century Education

DSC_0036As a member of the House Education Committee, Del. Glenn Davis has worked to direct more funding to K-12 education. He also has a record supporting Charter Schools, technology academies, and teacher raises. Del. Davis helped reform Virginia’s Standards of Learning.

Prior to his election to the House of Delegates, Del. Davis served on the Virginia Beach City Council and led the political battles to make sure schools and teachers were appropriately funded. Del. Davis also served as the Chairman of Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, through which he volunteered as a classroom instructor teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurial education classes to our youth.

Del. Glenn Davis will continue to modernize education to meet the needs of a modern day workforce.




Protecting the Second Amendment

Glenn Oceana SkeetDel. Glenn Davis’ support for the Second Amendment goes back to his high school days, having shot rifles competitively for his High School NJROTC unit and later as part of a rifle team out of Langley Air Force Base.

Davis competed in NRA sanctioned competitions throughout the East Coast, and came within a few points of qualifying for the US team trials his senior year of high school. Shooting sports taught him the importance of a strong work ethic, positive attitude, personal discipline, and sacrifice to achieve one’s dream. Today, Glenn has gone from “squeezing” the trigger to “slapping” it, transitioning from a smallbore shooter into a skeet and trap enthusiast.

Del. Glenn Davis also understands that restrictions on law-abiding citizens don’t stop criminals from breaking the law. We should work diligently to keep firearms out of the possession of those not legally allowed to possess them, punish those who commit crimes associated with the sale, transfer, or use of firearms, and protect the liberty of everyone else.





Life & Family

FamilyDel. Glenn Davis recognizes that good and reasonable people may disagree on social issues, but he believes in the sanctity of human life. He also recognizes that the family is the bedrock of any functioning society and will support policies that strengthen our families and keep our communities safe.

Del. Davis also believes in making the adoption process more streamlined, so that women can be more confident that their babies will not end up lost, growing up inside a governmental system, but rather in a loving home, fulfilling the dreams of the new parents as well as giving the child a chance to achieve theirs.