Endorsements & Testimonials

I am honored to have the endorsements of the following members of our community:


“Glenn Davis is an effective leader who listens to community concerns and works to find solutions, regardless of who gets the credit.  He works with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike, and this kind of bipartisan leadership is the kind of leadership we support in Richmond.  Glenn Davis has always had an open door for public safety professionals, and firefighters are proud to endorse and support him as the next Delegate for the 84th District.” -Virginia Beach Firefighter’s Union


Hon. Beverly Anderson

Hon. John Atkinson

Mr. Eddie Bourdon

Hon. Linwood Branch

Mr. Macon Brock

Hon. Bill Brunke

Hon. Harvey Bryant

Mr. Michael Culpepper

Hon. Bill Desteph

Mr. Gerald Divaris

Ms. Helen Dragas

Hon. Bob Dyer

Hon. Dan Edwards

Mr. Doug Ellis

Mr. Tom Franz

Mr. Robert Goodman

Hon. Bill Harrison

Del. Sal Iaquinto

Mr. Anthony Jernigan

Hon. Louis Jones

Del. Barry Knight

Mr. Tommy Lyons

Mr. John Malbon

Mr. Vince Mastraco

Sen. Jeff McWaters

Hon. Bobby Melatti

Mr. Bruce Meyer

Mr. Bob Miller

Mr. Shep Miller

Ms. Shewling Moy

Mr. Fred Napolitano

Mr. Tony Nero

Mr. RJ Nutter

Mr. Richard Olivieri

Del. Bob Purkey

Hon. Sam Reid

Mr. Ron Ripley

Hon. Will Sessoms

Mr. Pat Shuler

Hon. Tina Sinnen

Mr. Mike Standing

Del. Chris Stolle

Sheriff Ken Stolle

Del. Bob Tata

Hon. Betsy Taylor

Hon. Leonard Tengco

Mr. Bruce Thompson

Hon. John Uhrin

Del. Ron Villanueva

Sen. Frank Wagner

Hon. Carolyn Weems

Hon. Rosemary Wilson

Ms. Dot Wood

Hon. Jim Wood