Welcome To The Online Office Of Glenn Davis for Delegate

I’ve always called Virginia Beach home.

Growing up, attending school, driving my first car, graduating from Green Run High School, working as the legislative aide for then Delegate Bob McDonnell, starting my own company out of a one-bedroom apartment, marrying my soulmate Chelle, to serving on City Council – it’s all been centered on the 84thDistrict in the heart of Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach has been my life.  From student to employee to employer to public servant, my career and life has been right here at home.

It’s that passion for our community and understanding of the needs of our district that compelled me to seek the Delegate seat once held by my former boss, Bob McDonnell.

Glenn-Teaching-JAI learned a lot in Richmond back then.  As Legislative Aide to then Delegate Bob McDonnell and also to then Delegate Frank Wagner, I learned how the General Assembly works, and how to help solve problems and get things done.

As a small businessman, I know what it is to sign the front of a check as well as the back.  Excessive regulation on any level – local, state or federal, are often tentacles that strangle too many of our job creating entrepreneurs.   As your city councilman, I worked diligently to create the best environment in Virginia Beach for job creation.  It worked, with our great city consistently having the lowest unemployment rate in the region and one of the lowest of any city in the nation.

The citizens of Virginia Beach have graciously entrusted me twice to serve them on City Council.  Now, I want to take that same conservative business-sense that I brought to Council to Richmond.

It has been an honor to represent you on City Council and would be an even greater honor to serve as your next Delegate in Richmond, representing the area I’ve called home almost all of my life.

Thank you for visiting this online office, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any question, comment or suggestion.  I hope I can count on you for your support.